FCPSA - Aims and Vision

Dear Colleagues

I would like to clarify issues that seem to have confounded some of you over the last year. As consulting physicians we feel we will have more collective bargaining power if we include smaller groups of super-specialists such as Rheumatologists, Pulmonologists, Dermatologists, Neurologists and Nephrologists. Many general physicians have a special interest in these areas and when it comes to coding and descriptors all of these groups are included. Specific needs can then be more easily considered.

The major objectives of this initiative are two-fold. Firstly, we cannot negotiate a fee but we can present practice cost studies to DoH and so prove our claim over several years now, that the NHRPL fee is hopelessly inadequate. It does seem obvious to us but as you know it takes patience, perseverance and persistence to prove the point.

Secondly, we want to ensure that if you belong to the management group, which we will call FCPSA Ltd, funders will know who we are by flagging the practice numbers of the participants. It is purely a process of evaluating our efficiency and best practice. Please join the management group by completing the documentation sent to you by HealthMan.

I trust this will clear up any misconceptions as to the role of HealthMan and the physicians management group. Spesnet fulfills a completely different role and its involvement with the consulting disciplines is on a completely different level.

The regional representatives will meet regularly to discuss our strategy and to ensure you are kept updated about developments in your area. We are also planning a consulting discipline conference for later in the year.

1. The immediate projects will focus on:
  1. Establishment of an organisation representative of Consulting Physicians (Dermatologists, Rheumatologists, Pulmonologists, Neurologists, Nephrologists and Physicians) in private practice and also representing Consulting Physicians in the Public Sector with limited private practice.
  2. Completion of submissions to the Department of Health for the National Health Reference Price List 2011.
  3. Completion of Consulting Physicians Practice Cost Studies, project 2011.
  4. Improving communications and website offerings dealing with private practice issues.
  5. Access to the HealthMan office to deal with any issues on/queries from Medical Schemes and disputes on handling of PMBs.
  6. The consolidation of consulting physician claims data to negotiate coding and tariffs with Medical Schemes and Department of Health. Medscheme data has been analysed and included in the Practice Cost Studies. We have recently received the Discovery Claims data which will be analysed and incorporated into the Medscheme Claims database.
2. Internal Communication:

  • Communication will be via email, fax, sms messages and the website.
  •  Members will receive one HealthView newsletter updating them on industry news and Private Practice Review newsletter updating them on news pertaining to their practice i.e. codes, legislation, tariffs, etc on a monthly basis.
  •  Member meetings will happen on request from the various regions at which matters of importance to private practice will be discussed.
3. The business model:
  • FCPSA employs the services of two existing organisations HealthMan (Pty) Ltd and E2 Solutions (Pty) Ltd on a contractual basis to advise on and manage all routine operational tasks, as well as providing additional services where required.
  • Each participating consulting physician will become a member of FCPSA Ltd. The total monthly subscription will be R500 (VAT inclusive). These funds will be used to contract HealthMan and pay the EXCOM a fee for time spent in meetings and for travelling expenses as they may occur.
  • The Board of Directors will comprise of practising consulting physicians that have been nominated and duly elected after the first annual general meeting.
  • The Board will out-source all operational issues at a predetermined cost; these costs are fixed for twelve months, and will be renegotiated on an annual basis.
  • The advantage of this business model is that FCPSA Ltd does not have to invest money or resources in staff, premises and equipment, and therefore operates as a virtual organisation.
  • An annual general meeting will be held during one of the conferences.

Please note:
Rheumatologists that are already part of the Rheumatology Management Group need not reapply, you are automatically included into the group.

4. Membership fee and joining FCPSA:
  • The monthly membership fee is R500 (VAT Incl).
  •  Complete the share application and debit order authorisation and fax to: (011) 782-0270.

Should you have any further queries or require additional information on the various services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully


FOR QUERIES CONTACT: MARDI ROOS - 083 444 5437 - mardiroos@e2.co.za