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  1. Background

    The Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa is a public company 100% owned and managed by various specialists (Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Physicians, Pulmonologists and Rheumatologists) for the benefit of our various specialities. The website address is

    The Faculty of Consulting Physicians is not in competition with the other societies but works with them on matters related to our various specialities in private practice. Most of the other professional societies including the surgeons, the ophthalmologists, the gynaecologists, the paediatricians and others have similar arrangements. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians was established in 2007 and has been functional to the benefit of our various specialists for a number of years.

    The Faculty of Consulting Physicians needs to be strengthened to deal with the ever increasing demand placed on societies by government regarding the role of private practice in South Africa, the role of private practice in the proposed National Health System, the shortage of doctors, the salaries of specialists in the private sector, the role of medical schemes, and other important matters such as regulatory reforms.

    The Faculty of Consulting Physicians as the professional organisation has to position itself to deal with these ever increasing demands; specifically regarding private practice. (Similar demands are made on the public sector regarding occupational specific dispensation, career pathing, service delivery, training and education etc.). The cost of addressing these issues has also escalated, and it cannot be solely demanded from the various societies to bear. The cost to the individual specialists in private practice who manage the societies and have to represent specialists in private practice on all these issues is also too high to absorb within their own practice costs. Other organisations like HealthMan has to be contracted to do a large portion of the work as professionals are needed to represent our interests at a high level.

    There have been huge successes in the joint effort between the societies and The Faculty of Consulting Physicians including several increases in the fees of specialists in private practice as well as the establishment of new codes that have enhanced private practice revenue.

  2. The immediate projects of the Faculty of Consulting Physicians will focus on:
    1. Strengthening the organisation, representative of our specialities in private practice and also representing our specialists in the Public Sector with limited private practice.
    2. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians together with the South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF) and other specialist management companies will continue the RPL battle and establishment of a cost based RPL. They will also engage with the HPCSA to publish a scientifically researched “ethical” or “guideline” tariff.
    3. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians together with SAPPF and other management companies will oppose the Board of Healthcare Funders attempt to reduce the value of PMB’s to a scheme rate and not the doctor’s invoice value.
    4. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians will continue to work closely with medical schemes on all matters pertaining to our specialities.
    5. Improving communications and website offerings dealing with private practice issues through the website.
    6. Establishing a range of practice advisory services through the offices of HealthMan
    7. Medical Malpractice Insurance through negotiations with HealthMan. An immediate saving of approximately 20% per annum on MPS tariffs. Enquire by e-mailing Casper Venter at Insurance placed through Aon South Africa.
    8. Commercial offerings such as credit card terminals, asset finance, PPS reviews and CPD points logging through the assistance of HealthMan and the Faculty of Consulting Physicians website.
    9. The consolidation of claims data to negotiate coding and tariffs with Medical Schemes and Department of Health.
    10. Discussing and negotiating Benefit Design with the various medical schemes and managed care organisations, this function to be co-ordinated by Dr Adri Kok.
    11. Review and update of the coding system for incorporation into a new coding system for South Africa. This project will be done in conjunction with SACHI (South African Classification of Healthcare Interventions), SAPPF and SAMA (South African Medical Association).
  3. In addition to the projects listed above, the following value add services are available at no additional costs, except if stated so and are part of the monthly membership fee:
    • Free online SMS service for patient communications – The Faculty of Consulting Physicians website.
    • HealthMan has an agreement with ABSA bank for a reduced rate on credit card terminals in the practice. The Merchant rate is 2.1 % (VAT Excl) on credit cards and 0.86% (VAT Excl) on debit cards. Monthly rental is R250 per month (VAT Incl) and Installation and Training Fee is R525 (VAT Incl).
    • HealthMan has contracted a reduced tariff with HealthFocus and GoodX on their practice management software for new clients.
    • PSG Northcliff, a preferred provider of the HealthMan Group, will review and advise on employee benefits, personal investments, life and key man policies and wealth preservation.
    • PPS reviews and analysis by a PSG consultant. Note that changes to PPS structures, requires that your portfolios be reviewed.
    • Online access to obtain CPD points, as well as online access to view your CPD points
    • Practice advisory services to assist with medical schemes problems, ie, non-payment, reversals, PMB’s etc., through the HealthMan office.
    • Helpdesk to assist with general medical schemes queries
    • Helpdesk assist with Consumer Protection Act complaints and queries –
    • Online access to various medical journals
    • Various consulting services through HealthMan.
    • Receipt of regular communications relevant to the healthcare industry.
  4. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians business model:
    • The Faculty of Consulting Physicians employs the services of two existing organisations HealthMan (Pty) Ltd and E2 Solutions (Pty) Ltd on a contractual basis to advise on and manage all routine operational tasks, as well as providing the Faculty of Consulting Physicians with additional services where required.
    • The Board of Directors comprise of practising specialists that have been nominated and duly elected.
    • The Board out-sources all operational issues at a predetermined cost; these costs are fixed for twelve months, and are renegotiated on an annual basis. This cost is at a substantial discount to a competitor in the market with a much advanced service offering to that of the competitor.
    • The advantage of this business model is that the Faculty of Consulting Physicians does not have to invest money or resources in staff, premises and equipment, and therefore operates as a ‘virtual’ organisation.
    • An annual general meeting is held during one of the Society conferences.
  5. Internal Communication:
    • Communication will be via email, fax, sms messages and the website.
    • Members will receive regular HealthView newsletters updating them on industry news on a monthly basis. The Private Practice Review newsletters will regularly update them on news pertaining to their practice, i.e., codes, legislation, tariffs, etc
    • Member meetings will happen on request from the various regions at which matters of importance to private practice will be discussed. There are usually journal club meetings sponsored by the Trade Industry.
  6. HealthMan Client Base 2018
    ADSA Association of Dietetics of South Africa (ADSA)
    Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF)
    ENT Society and Management Group (ENTMG & Society)
    ENT Society and Management Group (ENTMG & Society)
    Faculty of Consulting Physicians of SA (FCPSA)
    General Practitioner Management Group Ltd (GPMG)
    Iso Leso Optics Ltd (Network of Optometrists)
    Namibian Private Practice Forum (NPPF)
    Neurology Association of South Africa (NASA)
    Ophthalmology Management Group Ltd (OMG) & (OSSA)
    Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA)
    Paediatrician Management Group Ltd (PMG)
    Radiography Management Group (RADMG)
    Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes of SA (SEMDSA)
    South African Audiology Association (SAAA)
    South African Society of Gyneacology(SASOG)
    Gynaecology Management Group Ltd  (GMG) & (SASOG)
    South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF)
    South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP)
    South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP)
    South African Rheumatism & Arthritis Association (SARAA)
    Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa (SNSA)
    Surgicom Ltd

    HealthMan was also responsible for NHRPL 2009 submissions for virtually all SAMA disciplines and has done most of the research work and support for the various legal challenges that have happened or are in progress.

  7. Membership fee and joining The Faculty of Consulting Physicians:

    Funds not utilised in a given year will be carried forward to dedicated projects in the following year.

    For more information regarding the membership fees, please go to the Become a Member page or click here.

    The involvement of everybody with an interest in private practice is asked and an appeal to join the Faculty of Consulting Physicians is urgent. We thank the specialists who have already joined. We realise that the membership fee is high, but it seems as if there is no other way forward. The directors are not remunerated for the work done, but have to spend days out of practice to be involved with meetings and information sessions around all the issues raised. As the cost is enormous to them individually, time cannot be wasted to also be running around to find funds to cover basic costs to address these serious issues.

  8. Board of Directors:
    Region Directors Discipline Email
    S Gauteng Dr Adri Kok Specialist Physician
      Dr Hendrik Vermooten Specialist Physician
      Dr Nivesh Sewlall Pulmonologist
    N Gauteng Dr Elsa van Duuren Rheumatologist
      Dr Wiebren Duim Neurologist
    KZN Dr SABS Abdool-Gaffar Pulmonologist
      Dr Andrew Ramdass Specialist Physician
      Dr Aslam Amod Endocrinologist
    E Cape Dr Marius Langenhoven Specialist Physician
    Free State Dr Freek Bester Specialist Physician
    W Cape Dr Marius Wasserfall Specialist Physician
    North West Dr Henry Matthews Specialist Physician
    Mpum/Limp Dr Frans Theron Specialist Physician
  9. South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF)

    The SAPPF has been established following a general disillusionment of support for Specialist Private Practice in South Africa. This process followed consultation with all specialist stakeholders, a strategic workshop in November 2007 and numerous meetings with the Specialist Private Practice Committee (SPPC) within the SAMA structures.

    Specialists need a properly constituted organisation that supports the interests of all specialist societies and its members. We urge all specialists to support SAPPF in its various endeavours to promote private practice in South Africa.

    At its meeting on 30 January 2010, attended by representatives of most of the specialist societies, the SAPPF Board of Directors unanimously and without abstention adopted the following resolution:

    The SAPPF resolves that it:

    1. Is committed to represent the interests of its specialist members
    2. Does not recognise the SAMA SPPC as representing all private specialist interests
    3. Will continue to seek a solution to cooperate with SAMA”
  10. South African Coding System

    The SAPPF and SAMA are in the process of drafting a new National Procedural Coding Structure of international standards. It is important that the Medical Profession determines its scope of practice and therefore needs to remain in control of any changes to the current coding system or any proposed new system. The ICD10PCS proposed by DoH is not appropriate for South Africa and is not in use anywhere else in the world.

    It was also proposed by DoH that the ICD10PCS coding system must be researched and developed by the private sector at its own costs. Thereafter ownership must be handed over to DoH. This position is not acceptable to SAPPF and SAPPF will continue its efforts on introducing a new South African system. The coding committee is chaired by Dr Eugene Allers, a Gauteng psychiatrist.

    The coding initiative will be co-ordinated by an independent entity established for this purpose. South African Classification of Healthcare Interventions (SACHI) will become the custodian of coding and will be inclusive of all medical disciplines in South Africa.

    If you have not yet joined the Faculty of Consulting Physicians of SA, kindly complete the membership application and ACB (debit order) authorisation forms and fax back to 011 782 0270.

    Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours faithfully


083 444 5437 -

Mr Casper Venter on (011) 340 9000 or
fax (011) 782 0270
Cape Town:
Mr Ernst Ackermann on (021) 864 2542 or
fax (021) 873 7440
E-mail the Healthman offices at 

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